Singel Lecture: Sins of the Tongue

May 21, 8:00-9:30 PM @ Wittevrouwensingel 31, Utrecht
Singel Lecture: ‘Sins of the Tongue: God, good and evil in medieval literature’

Harmful speech such as a lying, backbiting and grumbling were but a few of the speech acts that where called ‘Sins of the Tongue’ in late medieval Europe. Medieval church texts said that the tongue can break bones and can inflict considerable damage on the speaker, the listener, and other participants. Is this true? Dr. Martine Veldhuizen will take us on a journey into these sins of the tongue and more general in the role religion played in Dutch medieval literature.

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12-05-19, 10:00 uur, ds. M. Bergsma, Jeugddienst
12-05-19, 17:00 uur, ds. M. Bergsma, viering heilig Avondmaal
19-05-19, 10:00 uur, ds. M. Bergsma, feestelijke start pioniersplek
19-05-19, 17:00 uur, ds. A. Jansen (Woerden)
26-05-19, 10:00 uur, ds. M. Bergsma    
26-05-19, 17:00 uur, ds. P.J. den Hertog (Amsterdam-Nw. West)
30-05-19, 10:00 uur, ds. M. Bergsma, Hemelvaartsdag, gezamenlijke dienst met NGK in Singelkerk
02-06-19, 10:00 uur, ds. M. Bergsma
02-06-19, 17:00 uur, ds. J. Bonhof (ICF-Utrecht)